Monday, July 28, 2008

Got light?

Besides flowers and linens, lighting also plays an important part of your decor. It can totally transform a regular ballroom into a swanky nightclub, and it definitely sets the mood for the entire wedding/event. But make sure the colors that you plan on using complement those of your florals and your linens. It's always a good idea to check with the floral/linen designers as well as the lighting company first.

Here are the different types of lighting option you can choose from...

Ambient or Diffused Light
- this is the main light in the room, usually coming from either natural or artificial sources
- this light should soften and flatter

B, Fairy or Twinkle Lights
- these are strings of tiny lights like Christmas lights
- when used behind fabrics or in trees, they add a magical touch
- an inexpensive lighting method is to drop strings of these lights from the ceiling

- these are stencils that go over lights to project patterns (such as stars, musical notes, or even the couple's names and monograms etc.) onto walls, draped fabrics or dance floors

Pin Spots
- these are narrow beams that are directed at centerpieces, the wedding cake or other items that you wish to highlight
- they look especially dramatic when the rest of the room is relatively dark
- they are usually hung from the ceiling and used in pairs

Up-lights, Down-lights or Light-cans
- they are used to project beams of light upward from underneath a table, or up from the base of an urn or tree, or down onto an altar or mantle
- they create a mystical glow

- these are colored lights projected over large areas such as the dance floors or bars

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The Flirty Girl said...

This is such a great post Evonne!

It is absolutely amazing how even the most simple of wall washes can transform a room. Thanks for sharing the varieties of lighting and all of the details.