Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kate and Jeff's O`ahu Scouting Trip

This morning, I flew over to O`ahu to meet up with Kate and Jeff for their scouting trip. Their wedding is in July 2009, but I have been working with them since January 2008 and finally got to meet them in person.

They are such a sweet and fun loving couple from San Francisco - YAY... my hometown! Considering that they are both graphic designers, they are super creative and it just shows in their personality. I can't wait to work with them on their wedding design and decor.

Photo Credit: Polka Dot Photography

We had such a blast today. As soon as they picked me up at the airport, we went to check out Lanikuhonua. The security was tight over there. Rumor has it that this beautiful Hollywood star is going to launch a new fragrance next spring, and she was at Lanikuhonua filming a commercial for that. Apparently, her boyfriend and their 4-month-old baby girl were there as well. Too bad we didn't get a glimpse of them! Bummer!

After the site visit, we spent the rest of the afternoon doing food and cake tasting, and we also met with a photographer. It was a super productive day. Kate and Jeff are actually on the island attending Jeff's cousin's wedding this weekend, so hopefully they will take lots of notes this week.

The 8-hour day went by so fast. By 5 o'clock, they had to drop me back off at the airport to catch my flight back to Mau`i. I really look forward to their wedding next year!

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