Monday, October 22, 2007

Invitations & Stationeries

Photo Credit: Cards de Luxe

This is one of my favorite elements of any wedding or event - invitations and stationeries. Usually, they give your guests the first glimpse of what your event will be like. They totally set the tone and therefore, should be a unique reflection of you and your style.

There are so many ways of printing invitations:


Engraving is the most traditional form of invitation printing, and one of the most expensive. Text is etched onto a copper plate, which is then coated with ink and wiped clean, leaving the ink only in the indentations. Soft, high-quality paper is pressed hard against the plate, causing it to deform into the etchings. Result is raised, crisp text. You can tell true engraving by the "bruise" or dent on the back of the paper.


Thermography was developed as a less expensive alternative to engraving. The printer uses ink and a powder resin combined with heat to reproduce the raised lettering effect of engraving. The text has a shiny finish and is often said to not be as sharp as engraving.


This old-fashioned technique has become popular again. A letterpress printer presses inked letters or designs into a piece of paper, forming an indented surface. By repeating the process, you can create images with more than one color. Letterpress wedding invitations typically have a vintage or whimsical feel, but they can be designed in more formal styles as well. Many people appreciate the tactile nature of letterpress, although some dislike its lack of crispness.


Most often used for small insignias, monograms, or return addresses, this process creates a raised impression on paper by running the paper through two metal sheets. When no ink is used, it is called "blind" embossing. Although a printer can perform this service for you, you can also buy a small embosser with your monogram or return address on the plate, allowing you to create custom stationery in a more affordable way.


Most modern printing is offset printing, also known as lithography. From magazines to postcards, this flat style of printing is a familiar one, and appropriate for an informal invitation. Traditionally, an inked image is transferred from an inked plate to a rubber "blanket", which is then passed over the paper. The quality of offset printing can vary greatly, so be sure to look for a printer who can deliver crisp quality and true colors.

I find that the most popular is either letterpress or thermography, but depending on your budget, there is always a printing method for everyone.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mau`i - the "Best Island in the World"

In the 2007 Conde Nast Traveler Magazine readers poll, Mau`i was named the "Best Island in the World" once again with an overall score of 90.0. Mau`i also surpassed all other top destinations across the globe. It beat the Best Australian City, Sydney, which scored 87.8; the Best U.S. City, San Francisco, 85.5; the Best European City, Florence, 84.8; and the Best Asian City, Bangkok, 82.6.

According to Terryl Vencl, Executive Director of the Mau`i Visitors Bureau: "Mau`i continues to capture the hearts and imagination of visitors from across the globe. Our island's amazing natural beauty, cherished host culture and gracious aloha continue to entice and inspire!"

O`ahu, Kaua`i, Lana`i and the Big Island are also named the "Best Pacific Island". No wonder so many couples decide to have a Hawai`i wedding! There are close to 33,000 weddings performed in the state of Hawai`i every year, and destination weddings are getting more and more popular these days. Here at Events by Evonne, LLC, we can help you with all of your planning needs. Give us a call or email us to see what we can do for you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Barefoot Black Tie - Mau`i Style" Fundraiser

I have the privilege of being a part of the Planning Committee of Imua Family Services'Barefoot Natives. All proceeds from this event will help children with special needs access necessary therapeutic intervention programs and services.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this wonderful event and for a great cause, please send me an email at

Much mahalo for your generous support!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's talk flowers!

Photo Credit: Yvonne Floral Design

I didn't learn to appreciate flowers until I started planning weddings and events. They always seem so fragile and they only last such a short period of time. But you just can't have a wedding or an event without them; it will be so boring then! Besides, who doesn't like flowers?

When I work with my clients in choosing flowers for their events, the best way to do it is to select the color scheme and not the specific type of flowers. We are on an island and a lot of the flowers have to be flown in from California, Holland, New Zealand, Ecuador...etc., and therefore, might not always be available. However, the more flexible you are, the better chances that you will end up having the flowers (or at least the colors) that you want. But of course, all of our florists and floral designers will do the best they can to fulfill your dream and vision!