Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's talk flowers!

Photo Credit: Yvonne Floral Design

I didn't learn to appreciate flowers until I started planning weddings and events. They always seem so fragile and they only last such a short period of time. But you just can't have a wedding or an event without them; it will be so boring then! Besides, who doesn't like flowers?

When I work with my clients in choosing flowers for their events, the best way to do it is to select the color scheme and not the specific type of flowers. We are on an island and a lot of the flowers have to be flown in from California, Holland, New Zealand, Ecuador...etc., and therefore, might not always be available. However, the more flexible you are, the better chances that you will end up having the flowers (or at least the colors) that you want. But of course, all of our florists and floral designers will do the best they can to fulfill your dream and vision!

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