Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Blurb Book

A good friend of mine, Tara, showed me pictures of the "Blurb Book" that she created with all of her wedding planning ideas! I thought it was such a wonderful thing to do and wanted to share with all of you.

It's very similar to the coffee table book that you can create from all these other photo websites, but what's cool about the Blurb Book is that it can "slurp" all of your photos from most major photo storing sites such as Picassa or Flickr, and it can also "slurp" your entire blog if it's hosted on Blogger, Live Journal, Typepad or WordPress. You can also share the book with family and friends by linking it to social networking sites like Facebook and Digg.

The possibility is just endless... with such great ideas you have for your wedding, why not share it with the people you love? And when your wedding is over, you can make a Blurb Book of all the wedding photos for yourself, your wedding party, your parents...

Photo Credit: Tara D.

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