Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Centerpiece & Place Setting of the Week"

It's been a while since I last blogged about centerpieces and place settings, but I recently came across these photos taken by the talented Jennifer Skog at The City Club of San Francisco.

The brown table runners work very well with the purple, pink and red flowers and table linens. The taller centerpieces with all the candles create a dramatic feel and set the head table apart from the rest of the guest tables. However, with outdoor weddings, you might want to reconsider the tall glass vases, but the long and thin glasses for the votive candles will work perfectly and will stay lit the entire evening.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Skog


Anonymous said...

The brown table runner is a beautiful anchor to the sweet purples, pinks and reds. Gorgeous!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

shannon said...

Wow, I love the vibrant color in the floral centerpieces! Great inspiration.

Everett said...

All the glass on the table, complimented by the colors of the flowers above is fascinating!

Delovely Designs said...

Wow!!! Absolutely stunning! I love the rich jewel toned floral and the setup using a procession of tall and low arrangements encapsulated by the glowing candlelight....the table linens are gorgeous as well! LOVE it!