Thursday, December 11, 2008

One more wedding in 2008!

Just when I thought my wedding season has ended for 2008, I just took on another one today for New Year's Eve! Yes, 20 days from today! My good friend Debbie of Pacific Event Group mentioned to me that this bride really needed a coordinator to help her on the day of, and since we both work very well together at all of my events, she thought it would be great if I could take on this last minute wedding.

About 6 months ago, I stopped offering my day of wedding as well as partial planning and coordination services. I prefer to plan the entire wedding from start to finish. That way I know exactly and have more control as to what's going on throughout the planning process. It's always hard to jump in the last minute to try and figure out how the day is going to pan out. But the bride, Jaime, seems like a sweetheart and I just couldn't possibly say no when she said she'd love to have me there to help her.

Photo Credit: Jessica Claire

Photo Credit: Project Wedding

I am hoping to get more information from Jaime in the next few days, so that I can start compiling my 10-page+ detailed wedding day timeline and the complete vendors' list for her! According to Debbie and Nicole (the floral designer), the decor is going to be black and white. I have always wanted to do a black and white wedding, and I can't wait to see how this beautiful wedding turns out! :)


Beloved Weddings said...

Alright! Congrats. I heard about this wedding earlier today.

DK Designs said...

SWEET! I know you and your team will do a FAB job! :) Can't wait to see your first B&W wedding. BTW, hope you get your camera in time. I just bought a flash for my DSLR. :)

Mandy Grace said...

I love Jessica the photographer images you used. She has such a great eye! Black and white very fun perfect for New Years Eve. It just like Nicole's shop! Fun!