Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christine and Jay's Scouting Trip

I had a fabulous couple of days with my San Francisco couple, Christine and Jay. They are so easy going, fun and we really had a great time together on their scouting trip. Christine and I have very similar personalities, so I know we are going to get along really well and have tons of fun planning the wedding together. And Jay is just super laid back and cool with a great sense of humor. They make such a great couple!

During one of our site visits, we were talking and I told them how much I love taking photos of food because I love to eat! That evening when they were at dinner, they took a photo of the pizza and wine that they had and they texted me the link to view the picture. They did the same thing the next night... how cute! :)

It was a very productive trip. We looked at most of the private estates, had a food tasting and a few cake tastings. Hopefully when they get home this weekend, they will have a much better idea on their location as well as their date. I am looking forward to their wedding this Fall!

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