Monday, September 22, 2008

Please don't drink and drive!

As a planner, I want everyone to have a great time at the wedding... but I also need to ensure that everyone is safe as well. If you or your guests are planning to have more than one or two drinks during the entire evening, please either have a few designated drivers in the party, or as a host/hostess of the wedding, provide shuttle transportation for your guests. That way, we can be sure that everyone will have a good time without endangering their lives or other people's.

DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated), depending on which state you are from, is a very serious offense even here in paradise, and especially when you are an out-of-state driver. This is a good website to familiarize yourself with the Hawai`i DUI laws. We don't want anyone to get into trouble, so please be safe!


Sugar & Spice Event Design said...

the job of a wedding planner is never done. thanks for the great tip of while thinking about the great we should also be ensuring the safe if the worst occurs!

The Flirty Girl said...

A great PSA Evonne. As a non drinker who is often the driver I can share that when you order non-alcoholic beverages bartenders often comp them as they recognize you are the Designated Driver.