Monday, September 29, 2008

Outdoor weddings

At the moment, I am working on a few items as well as the floral decor with all of my 2009 brides. I thought this would be a good place and time for me to share what works and what doesn't here on the islands.

1) Tall centerpieces such as the one below will work in a ballroom wedding, but not outdoors when we have to deal with the wind factor:

2) Low centerpieces will be perfect for both indoor and outdoor receptions, but tealight candles will only work under a tent or indoor:

3) Floating candles such as this one might work outdoor if the flame is completely inside the vase:

Photo Credit: Designs by Hemingway

4) Large hurricane vases ALWAYS work for outdoor events, as well as indoors but tables, chairs, lounge furnitures...etc. are not allowed on the public beaches in Hawai`i:

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

5) Menus and single flowers should be tucked into each napkin for all outdoor receptions:

6) Place cards / escort cards such as these one will work better at indoor receptions. For outdoor events, it's best to place them below the napkin (please see photo #5 above):

7) Stilettos such as this pair of blue Manolo Blahniks that was worn by Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City" will be tough to walk in at any outdoor lawn weddings:

8) Most brides usually change into their bridal flip-flops after the ceremony:

Photo Credit: Visionari

9) Petals on the table only work for indoor events:


Cathy and David Photography said...

That's some super cool insight into the Hawaii wedding you've given! Thanks! :-D

Sugar & Spice Event Design said...

These are breathtaking photos... how wonderful is your work!!!

DK Designs said...

Evonne, GREAT advice all the way around, something every destination bride should know when planning a wedding in Hawaii or any tropical destination locale!