Monday, August 4, 2008

Inspiration #6

It's been a while since I have done an "Inspiration" post. There were just too many other ideas that I wanted to share in the last month or two, but now it's time for another great inspiration.

Since my hubby and I are from the San Francisco bay area, I know who all the great wedding vendors are. There are a few photographers in Northern Cal that I love and Augie Chang is one of them. He has a great sense of style and most importantly, he has such a wonderful personality. It will be so much fun to work with him as a client and as a vendor also!

Just a few days ago, I found out that my good friend Ava has been friends with Augie for years, and he just did Ava's maternity photos (which turned out absolutely beautiful)! Then today, I saw Augie's email in my inbox that said: "Heeeeelllo from the mainland!" I picked up the phone and called him and we were chatting for the next half an hour. It was so awesome! And he told me that Mau`i is his favorite Hawaiian island!... Woohoo... =)

Augie, thanks for your email and I so look forward to working with you... both in the bay area and here on the islands! Keep up the great work!

To see more of Augie's amazing photos, you can check out his website and his blog.

Photo Credit: Augie Chang


Augie Chang, Photographer said...

Thanks soooo much for featuring me on your blog. This is an honor! I look forward to future Mau'i wedding with you Evonne!

- Augie Chang

The Flirty Girl said...

I didn't know you knew Augie! I just met him earlier this year through Andrew Hsu at Stucio MSV and, of course, immediately became a fan of his work. I don't know if anybody is as talented at shooting babies as Augie is. And his wedding photography is pretty darn fabulous too!

shannon said...

The ring shot is gorgeous. So creative!!