Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hair accessories

There are many different types of hair accessories available for weddings these days. Tiaras have always been a favorite and together with a veil, it creates a stunning look for every bride.

Hairpins with crystals as well as the "bun wrap" are also very elegant with or without a veil. And when you have a tropical destination wedding like here in Hawai`i, the best hair accessory will be local flowers such as the white dendrobium orchids.

Which is your favorite?


critsey rowe said...

My fave are the hair broaches...they are so vintage and always look amazing in a brides hair!
Great post!

cBock said...

I think I'd like to see something other than white.. maybe some different gem colors perhaps to match the flowers? I dunno... what do you think?

DK Designs said...

Girlfriend - gardenia hair flower made out of clay!!! LOL... I just saw an image from Debbie Friedrich and the bride had a wilted/brown edged real gardenia in the pictures.... I'm thinking... hmmm... my clay gardenia hair flower would have worked perfectly!

Love the crystals/beading... GORGEOUS!