Friday, August 8, 2008

Fly Away Photography, destination wedding blog

Shannon Steeves of Steeves Photography did an amazing write-up of Events by Evonne on her destination wedding blog - Fly Away Photography. You can read our online interview here.

I was introduced to Shannon's website and blog just a few weeks ago by CVP Experience. We started chatting and we realized that we both respect and admire each other's work. Since she is in Florida and I am in Hawai`i (both incredible destinations for weddings), I hope we get to work on a destination wedding together someday.

There are so many wonderful and talented individuals in the wedding industry across the nation (and even internationally). I am very blessed to know them and be able to work with some of them.

Thanks, Shannon for such a wonderful post!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blog!
Denise Boston,Mass.

shannon said...

You're such a great guest! We had fun with your feature!!