Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bridal Sneakers or Flip Flops, anyone?

Recently, a few of my brides asked me what type of shoes they should wear for their wedding. OK, let's be honest... who doesn't like Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik? But trust me, on the day of your wedding, you want to wear something comfortable... something that after an hour or two you won't have a need to take them off because they are hurting your feet already!

Well, for those of you who are not wearing long dresses, it might be a little more challenging since your feet are going to show, so you might have to stick with a pair of nice dressy shoes... but for those who have a long dress, have you thought about bridal sneakers or flip flops? Yes, just like in the 1991 movie "Father of the Bride" when Kimberly Williams wore the pair of sneakers that Steve Martin gave her!

Guess what, for my wedding in June 2005 on O`ahu, I wore my bridal sneakers with matching socks (photos #1 and #2 above)! They were so comfortable that I didn't even want to take them off 10 hours later! My photographers got a kick out of it and took so many pictures of my shoes! =)

One thing I do want to mention about my bridal sneakers besides being cute and all, was that they were made by this wonderful lady in Illinois. Her name is Michelle Lose and her company is Elegant Originals. I came across her company when I was searching online for a pair of bridal sneakers that I wanted.

Michelle is a 4th grade elementary school teacher. About 8 years ago, her 3-year-old daughter Stephanie was diagnosed with Leukemia. In order for her to deal with Stephanie's illness, she decided to find a way to channel her energies by making arts and crafts. That's when she started Elegant Originals to provide wedding accessories to brides-to-be. She named one of her most popular bridal sneakers - "Princess Stephanie" (the one that I bought), after her daughter. And she donates a portion of every sale to the Leukemia Research Foundation. Today, Stephanie is cancer-free and she is just a beautiful little girl.

I am very glad that I got the bridal sneakers that I wanted and most importantly, it was for a great cause as well. Michelle no longer carries the bridal sneakers anymore, but she still offers the flip flops and ballerina slippers too. So if you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes for your wedding, and are thinking about some cute flip flops, please visit Michelle's company website - Elegant Originals.

* Please note that I am not a spokesperson or an employee of Elegant Originals. This post is purely for me to share a wonderful product with my audience.

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