Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I love my job!

I met Anna and Elan almost 8 months ago when they first moved to Mau`i and were planning a wedding at the Pua Le'a (Haiku Mill). One day, Anna emailed me and asked if I could help her with her wedding planning. And when we met, we totally hit it off and I knew right there and then that we would be good friends.

Both Anna and Elan were so easy to work with during the entire planning process. Anna was just as laid back as can be (which is perfect for the Mau`i lifestyle), and we had such a blast just trying to put all the last minute wedding preparations together. It was a lot of fun!

As soon as their wedding was over, Anna and I were already making lunch and shopping plans with one another. Elan later found out that I am a HUGE Apple fan (not the fruit, but the computer), so we became instant "Mac Buddies"! Now I have someone to exchange notes with on the latest and greatest Apple products and cool widgets. Yippppeeee! And finally, they also got to meet my hubby - who was in hiding during the whole 6 weeks of their wedding planning. Yes guys, he REALLY exists... I did not make him up! =)

Every now and then, we would hang out with Anna and Elan. Just last Friday, we had dinner together in Haiku and then we went back to their place and watched "No Country for Old Men" in high-def! It was great...

I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I do! I get to meet so many amazing people, whether they are my clients or vendors or business partners. I truly value and appreciate the connection and the friendship that's developed and created during the planning of each event. I am the luckiest gal in the world!

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anna said...

We feel incredibly grateful to have you in our lives. You are absolutely wonderful (even if you have terrible taste in movies :P)

When do we get to see you and Darren again? I think we should do another movie night, this time I'll pick the movie. j/k!