Saturday, September 15, 2007

Featured Wedding - Anna and Elan

Photo Credit: Yumi Numata

Anna first approached me 6 weeks before her wedding. She and Elan just moved to Mau`i from LA with their dog, Barkley, and she was looking for a planner who could help her with the rest of her planning. When they first came to Mau`i in January for a scouting trip, they visited a few locations, including Pua Le'a (the Haiku Mill) and the Seabreeze Villa. That's also when they realized that they wanted to move to the islands.

By August, they made the move and for the past month and a half, Anna and I had been meeting a few times a week to go over all the details of the wedding - the timeline, the floor plan, the vendor list, the wedding party list...etc., and we checked out both Pua Le'a and the Seabreeze Villa. Elan would come along to a few meetings and the 3 of us had such a great time going over all the wedding plans. They are such a wonderful and laid back couple to work with. They finally decided to have the big day at Pua Le'a and it was just magical. It didn't even drizzle at all, which was a miracle for that part of the island!

The wedding went off without a hitch. Everything was according to plan and everybody had such a great time. Now I can't wait till Anna and Elan are back from their honeymoon, and we can hang out more and enjoy the island together.

Congrats, Anna and Elan!

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Anna said...

evonne!!! thanks again for all your hard work. you made our dream wedding come true!