Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank you, Nicole & Kristen!

My 2 wonderful, talented friends - Nicole and Kristen made some complimentary notecards for Events by Evonne, LLC. Nicole got the orchid stencil and did her own embossing with my company colors, and Kristen used my company logo and the chartreuse color for her letterpress plates. They all look so lovely that I don't want to use them and just keep them to myself! =)

Kristen has her own stationery business in Washington State - Crybaby Ink and her website should be done very soon!

Thanks so much, Nicole and Kristen! I am so blessed to have friends like you gals. You are the "bestest"! Love you both! =)


LaDivinaEvents said...

Spreading the love. I love the cards! So sweet!

Gina said...

These look great. What a wonderful personal touch for your clients they'll make!