Thursday, May 22, 2008

"A Wedding to Remember"

When my dad sent me an email earlier today with a subject of "A Wedding to Remember", I thought it would be some platinum wedding somewhere in New York, or Paris. But instead it was photos and description of this lovely Chinese couple taking wedding photos right outside of this church on the day of the Sichuan earthquake. Who would have known?!?!

Please see my translation below...


"On May 12th, I accompanied my friends to the hundred-year-old church at White-Deer College to take some outdoor wedding photos. A few minutes after they started the photo session at 2:00 pm, disaster struck."


"Debris from the church were falling and the ground started shaking. At that point, we just realized that it was an earthquake. Since there was nowhere to go, we braced ourselves and laid on the ground!"


"The church that had stood there for over a hundred years now became a pile of rubble in just a few minutes..."


"After the quake, we helped each other up and looked around our surroundings. We couldn't believe what we saw..."

This was a "before" and "after" shot of the 100-year-old church!

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Having lived in "Earthquake Country" (both Northern and Southern California) myself for the past 18 years, I know what it's like when the big one hits. It's something you can never predict and you just have to be prepared for it.

Official figures state that 60,560 people are confirmed dead, including 55,239 in Sichuan province; 352,290 are injured and 26,221 missing. The earthquake left about 4.8 million people homeless. My thoughts and prayers are with those victims and their families.

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The Flirty Girl said...

When I saw those pictures on the news all I could think was how surreal they looked. The incongruity of a bride and groom amidst the crumbled church and haze of the dust swirling in the air? It looked staged. I know the final death count is higher and most likely will continue to rise. So shocking and so sad. My heart goes out to all who perished and to their families and friends. I'm glad this bride and groom and their friends were all safe. Quite amazing when you realize how much of the church came down around them that they were not injured or worse.